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Propane/Autogas Conversions and Refueling

Auto Propane conversions and refuelingWhy convert to propane/autogas?

There are many great advantages for converting to propane.

  • Autogas is less expensive than gasoline: Autogas costs about $2.00/g.  There are different types of autogas systems.  With some systems, there is no change in fuel economy. On other systems you may lose up to 10% fuel economy but gain up to 10% torque. In such a circumstance one can consider propane to effectively cost $2.20/g when calculating return on investment.

  • Less dependence on foreign countries for fuel.

  • 97% of autogas is refined in the US.

  • Autogas is better for the environment.

  • Companies and municipalities with fleets of vehicles are at an advantage especially when they use the same make and model of vehicle for propane conversions. See the Fleet section below for more information.

Where can I refuel my vehicle?

The list of locations where you can refuel your vehicle is growing. Here are some refueling stations for Elgin Il, area:

Bunge’s Tire and Auto
826 S McLean Blvd
Elgin, Il, 60123

Menards locations:

4850 Route 14
Crystal Lake, IL 60014

220 W North Ave
West Chicago, IL 60185

7435 Barrington Rd
Hanover Park, IL 60133

1560 Mount Prospect Rd
Des Plaines, IL 60018

For a full listing of refueling locations in and near Elgin, and across the USA, go to

Can I still use gasoline?

Yes, you can use either propane or gasoline after conversion. Most conversions have been dual fuel and keep the gasoline system while adding a completely separate autogas system from fuel tank to fuel injector. However, as the number of autogas filling stations increases, we anticipate more dedicated conversions to autogas.

What does it cost to convert, and what are fuel costs?

Propane costs about $2.00/g. There are different types of autogas systems. With some systems there is no change in fuel economy. On other systems you may lose up to 10% fuel economy but gain up to 10% torque. In such a circimstance one can consider propane to effectively cost $2.20/g in calculating return on investment.

Conversion kit installation
What does it take to qualify to get rebates for converting?

The State of Illinois offers a $4,000 rebate for certified propane installations that are installed by an Illinois company. For more information about the rebate go to http://www.illinoisgreenfleets.org/fuels/conversion_info.html

Are Bunge’s technicians experienced and qualified?

Propane Vehicle ConversionsBunge’s technicians have been trained in propane safety.

Is propane/autogas safe?

Propane/autogas is considered to be safe. Some argue that it is safer than other fuel sources.

Fleet vehicle conversion cost information
Here are two examples of what it would cost to convert a single certified vehicle, and convert a fleet of vehicles that are the same make and model:


Types of autogas conversions
Most early systems have been vapor systems which inject propane in its vapor state into the intake manifold. ICOM has a new system that injects liquid propane into the intake manifold. Vapor systems cost about $5000 and $7000 installed. ICOM's system is about $7000-$9000 installed. A liquid injection system costs between $8,000 and $10,000.

EPA certification
In order to qualify for the rebate, the system needs to be certified by the EPA as meeting or exceeding the original emissions. Many systems have already been EPA certified, but if your year, make and model have not already been certified, then there would be an additional charge to get the certification. EPA certification costs about $6000 to 7000.

What is my return on investment?

There is a great chart to figure out your specific return on investment at www.usealtfuels.com/?page_id=23


Where can I get more information?

Here is a list of resources.