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I'm part of the second generation of a family that has been using Bunge's Tire & Auto for 30 years. I've been very happy with the service I've personally received in the last 10 years, and look forward to using them for another 30 years to come.

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Welcome to Bunge's 

Considering Buying a Used Vehicle?

 Today, nearly 66 percent of automobile purchases are used vehicles.  The reasoning behind this is fairly simple: lower cost. The majority of us cannot afford to pay the thousands upfront for a brand-new vehicle and don’t want to deal with financing options and their additional fees.

Buying a used vehicle is a great option as long as you do your homework. Before purchasing a vehicle that has a few years — and miles — on it, we have some valuable tips to help you make the right decision.

Read what to look for when purchasing a used vehicle.


Bunge's has gone green green

At Bunge's we've taken steps to go “green”.

  • Get your receipt via email and easily store it for your records.
  • No need to print our coupons, just show them on your phone, tablet or elecronic device and we’ll honor them.
  • We recycle oil, car parts, tires, pop cans and all paper and plastic.

We do what is best for our customers, both during your visit and long term.

Propane/Autogas Conversions and Refueling Now Available at Bunge's!

Bunge’s Tire and Auto is excited to announce that we now offer propane conversions for vehicles, and a propane refueling station. Bunge’s is the first auto repair shop in the Elgin area to offer these new services.

You may have a lot of great questions about propane conversion and autogas refueling. When propane is used to fuel an automobile it is called “autogas”. We’ve created a question and answer section on our website to help you learn about our new service.


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Trust and care.

At Bunge's we've built a reputation for trust, caring and fairness since 1919.

We believe in excellence in vehicle repair. We also do what makes sense for our valued customers.

Here is an example. Quality parts last longer. That means less repairs and replacements. When we perform a service, from windshield wipers to  shocks and struts, to tires, you name it, we use quality parts and charge a fair price. We value our customers.

As you shop around online you can find out what our customers say.

As we  transition from winter driving to spring driving the weather change brings with it new challenges. For instance, how is your alignment after driving in all of that ice and snow? If you are in proper alignment your tires will last longer. How about those windshield wiper blades? Bet they took a beating this winter, too. We belive in good customer care to keep you and your family safely on the road. That is why we are in business all of these years.

Bunge's Tire specializes in full service auto repair and brake repair as well as tires, shop for tires here, alignment, regularly schedule maintenance and so much more! We’ve been in business for over 90 years, proudly serving Elgin, South Elgin, St Charles, Burlington, Hampshire, Sleepy Hollow, West Dundee and even Chicago.

We take great pride in our commitment to our many customers for vehicle repair you can trust.

We are located on Mclean Boulevard & Torrey Pine, approximately four blocks south of Route 20. You can find a map, and get turn-by-turn directions here. We accept most major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. We also accept Wright Express and Voyager cards. The next time you need brakes, tires, maintenance or repair call us at (847) 741-2799.